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"Jim is a seasoned performer and the ultimate storyteller - his warmth will draw you in." 
Lynn Kot, Past President, Weyburn Concert Series, SK

Overall Theme

Roles and activities of indigenous peoples, cowboys, pioneers and cattle in late1800’s

Music, Poems and Visuals

The presentation is 100% Jim’s original material, entirely augmented by lyrically synchronized historic photos and artwork​.

Interactive Discussion

Key principles of the 'Code of the West", being a good person, friend and neighbour.

Interactive Physical Participation

For a few songs, several students will join Jim with the use of Maracas Shakers, while all others will be desigated as clappers, stompers, dancers and some just trying to keep time any way they can ... always fun.

Performances for specific grades or the whole school

Classroom Presentations

  • classroom with large screen

  • intimate and interactive

  • Jim provides projector

Gym Presentations

  • if entire school is invited

  • Jim can provide equipment

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