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"There is a western soul in Jim's heart and his music reflects it. Sometimes he gets lost in that place where his music takes him, the fun is he takes us with him."
Donna Meyers, Past Owner, Memories Inn, Longview, AB

VIDEO in concert with Edmonton Professional Chamber Choir PROCORO CANADA

THE GATHER - words and music by Jim Reader

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A POEM of insight into the massive lifestyle challenge faced by First Nations peoples:

The End of the Buffalo

(The Indigenous Boy)

by Jim Reader


Before the cows and ranchers came

The indigenous boy would hunt for small game

But he was a mite too young to go

With older folks on the hunt for Buffalo.


Oh, but at the village there was work to do 

When the hunt was over-and-done

From buffalo they wasted nothing

The meat, the bones and even the tongue

The hide to keep them warm of course

Through winter’s many moons

The meat was their survival

From the bones they’d make their spoons. 


The indigenous boy had learned to live

With winter’s snow and summer rains

And now was tough and ready

For the buffalo that roamed the plains.


But the buffalo’d been disappearing

The herds were few and rare

The reality was devastating

Indeed, the plains were bare.

So the life he learned and thought was his

Was swept away, like dust in the wind

What would they do with the buffalo gone

What would the future hinge upon

The choice was clear, life must go on.


The indigenous boy was now-a-man 

And must adapt to live with the land

So Government and First Nations 

Set Treaties to establish relations.

The challenge to move forward 

Was having rights in a new world

Where culture was respected

and promises honoured.


But oh such intentions

Raised many more questions 

There was much discontent

Understandably so

Imagine yourself my friend

Giving up, all that you know.


So the indigenous man

Now dreams like a child

That the Buffalo herds

they still run wild.

By the thousands they’d roam

on the wide open plains

But the dream’s just a memory 

And that’s all that remains. 

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