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"Jim's deep understanding of the cowboy spirit, his gift for lyrics and melody, his terrific finger picking make him a really special performer."  
Hugh McLennan, Host, Spirit of the West, Syndicated Radio show -- Canada/U.S.

Evening or Afternoon Concerts

  • Two fifty minute sets with a 20 minute intermission

  • Communities have often provide a 'Western Meal' ahead of the concert and price tickets accordingly.

The Usual Stage Setup

  • Jim usually is a one man band with robust finger picking giving the impression of 3 guitars at once!

  • Depending on equipment available at your venue, at a minimum, Jim uses a 12' x 12' screen via laptop computer to LCD projector, all which Jim can provide.

A Concert Program is provided:

- below are areas covered -- program is more detailed



​1.  Intro/Overview/Background

     >  2 songs​

2.  The 1870's:  The West Changed Forever

     >  4 songs, 1 poem, 3 stories​

3.  The 1880's:  The Cattle, Cowboys and Settlers

     >  3 songs, 1 story​



4.  Before the Fences:   Cattle/Trail Drives​

     >  4 songs, 1 story​

5.  The NorthWest Rebellion

     >  1 song, 1 story

6.  Before the Fences:   Roundups

     >  2 songs, 1 story​

7.  The 21st Century:  The Western Lifestyle Still Lives

     >  4 songs

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